Ketura Topps

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Reiki Master & Founder

About Ketura

I hold a master certification in Usui Reiki (which means I also hold Reiki level I and level II certifications as well). I also hold a bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science and am pursuing my Master's in the same subject. I am insured with liability insurance. I have studied chakras for 10 years or longer after discovering my own in hypnotherapy. I am a Christian and have found adding reiki, opening chakras, and energy work to my Christian practices has been nothing short of mind blowing and eye opening. 

In addition to Reiki I also offer energy tutoring if you would like to find out how to unlock your inner energetic world. 

Reiki FAQs

What is Reiki?

Reiki is translated by breaking the word down into two parts: Rei = Universal and Ki = Energy. It is the energy that animates all of us and connects us to all things.

What is a Reiki Treatment?

A Reiki treatment can vary in time and experience. Personally, I book for 60 minutes at a time because it allows me to be thorough as a practitioner. You will be laying down, face up, fully clothed, on a padded massage table. It is best if you close your eyes and connect with your body and spiritual side through deep breathing. I follow traditional Usui Reiki which uses specific hand positions for each chakra and area of the body. I can place my hands on your body or, if you prefer a no-touch treatment, as many often do, I can keep my hands about 3-6 inches above your body and the result will be the same. 

Reiki is a unique, individual experience for everyone. Some have reported seeing visions or letting tears flow during sessions, others have wanted to sing! Some have also reported feeling calmer but not having a deep awakening until two weeks later. I typically allow for a ten minute talking session after the treatment so we can discuss anything that came up; if longer discussion is needed or you would like to know how to tap into your energy systems yourself, please schedule an energy tutoring session.

Why would I do Reiki?

Reiki is used to heal and "unblock" chakras, the physical body, as well as mental/emotional states. If you are feeling chaotic, stuck, unbalanced, or if you have physical ailments for which you would prefer non-traditional healing, Reiki can help. 

What can I expect as a result of a session?

More often than not, after a session, patients feel relieved, centered, relaxed, and sometimes more clear on an issue that was weighing on them. As Reiki is a clearing, healing treatment that can sometimes heal very deep-rooted emotional/spiritual pain, a patient may experience grief-like symptoms within two weeks after treatment.

Recommendations for After Care:

Immediately after your treatment it is important that you drink water consistently to ground yourself and replenish. It is advisable to abstain from caffeine, alcohol, or other stimulants for as long as possible so your body can absorb the healing effects. Other ways to enhance your experience after your treatment include keeping a daily journal to potentially uncover mental/emotional blocks, as well as daily meditation to remain centered and calm.

What are Chakras?

There are 7 essential chakras in our bodies, each one corresponds to specific organs, physical areas, and emotions. There is a mountain of research for each chakra if you look them up online but we can schedule an energy tutoring session to discuss this topic as well as how to find them in your body, how to open them, and how to interpret your experiences with each one. 

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