5 Steps To Set Intentions for 2019

In 2019 we’re leaving behind all the negativity, the bad relationships, the toxicity, yes?

Easier said than done, right?!

Sometimes you have the one person who won’t let you get rid of them! Sometimes you have to find a new job before your old toxic one gets dumped. Sometimes the toxicity is your family or life partner. Sometimes… the negativity is in us and we have to grow to deal with it.

In the meantime between what is your active present and what you desire in life, what do you do? How do you reach some of these goals and how do you maintain your positive vibes all year long regardless of your situation?

There are multiple ways to do this but since we’re in January, let’s work on setting intentions. This is something I just recently found out how to do and forgive me if it’s a bit rudimentary. Essentially, setting intentions is a tool we use to define the life we want and give ourselves a positive trajectory. This goes beyond a surface desire of merely wanting something, this truly is taking action. It may not seem like "action" because we've been taught in the western world that action means physical action, but ask yourself this:

How do you accomplish something if you don't know what you're setting out to accomplish?

You would likely walk aimlessly through life, likely getting frustrated, cynical, or listless int he process. Or, if you do wind up accomplishing something noteworthy - would you know how or why to replicate the success? This is why setting intentions is so important - it takes your known goals and mixes them with the unknown so your life becomes streamlined.

Step 1: Know what you want out of life - or at least out of 2019.

What do you see yourself doing, being, feeling? How do you see others perceiving you, how are you acting, what’s your aura or vibe? What’s coming to you? Do you want love, health, prosperity, financial gains, better relationships, peace, direction?

Step 2: Write all of your ideals down in the following format:

"In my life, in 2019, I welcome ______________________"

You can exchange the word “welcome” for “receive” or “incorporate”, etc.

It’s important to have an image in your mind or a feeling associated with each intention. For instance, if you’re wanting better health in your life you may want to have an image in your mind of you feeling and looking more refreshed, a more capable body, drinking water, eating healthy, how others react to your healthiness, etc.

Step 3: Be Thankful.

Your last phrase should be one of thankfulness to your higher power (for me that’s the Christian God because I’m Christian but that’s not for me to decide for you). You need to thank the higher power for already putting into motion the aforementioned things you are welcoming into your life in 2019.

Optional Step: Playing meditation-esque music or any lyricless music you find soothing in the background before you start the next step.

Step 4: Record Your Intentions.

Record yourself, ideally with your phone's voice recorder so it's easily accessible to you, saying each of your intentions slowly and deliberately 3x. It’s best to start the recording with just the music playing and not speaking immediately (it will help in the next step).

When you’re finished recording, get into a comfortable position (if you’re sitting, place your feet flat on the floor and palms either together or on your knees), and press play. Close your eyes.

Step 5: Listen to Your Recording.

Listen to your recording in a meditative/calm state as often as possible in January (or throughout the year!) to remind yourself of your goals and ultimate direction in 2019.

With repetition, it will seep into your subconscious and as we all know your subconscious is the true brain of your thoughts, words, and inevitably your actions; therefore, if you control your subconscious through this type of programming, you control your life.