7 Day Social Media Fast

I wonder how many opportunities we miss because we’re on our phones. How many times could we have smiled at someone or restored their faith in humanity just by opening the door for them or wishing them a pleasant day?

Recently, I fell because I was looking at my phone and walking! I fell and cracked my phone’s screen, my poor beloved phone! (You can laugh, I'm OK.)

We have all also seen those videos where someone is staring at their phone and they walk into a street lamp or narrowly escape a traffic accident.

For safety reasons and more, I am going on a social media fast (I can’t do without my whole phone like other people so I’m just eliminating social media) and I invite you to join me.

People all over the world use fasting as a tool in an effort to gain clarity and direction. Typically the person fasts from a certain type of food or food altogether until they reach an epiphany or feel balanced again.

However, you can fast from anything that is making you feel off balance (except, of course, obligations that keep your bills paid!).

After being sober for 8 months, I recognized the power of fasting or eliminating toxic things from your life. You feel so free!

So to really start the new year out with clarity, I have decided to commit myself to a 7 day fast from social media. Through the help of some pre-planning apps, I will still give you encouragement from beyond my phone, so worry not, although I won't be available through DM's.

While researching this idea, I heard of several benefits associated with fasting from social media:

  • A feeling of freedom

  • A lighter feeling

  • Less eye strain

  • Improved posture

  • More in-person connections

  • Better observational skills

  • Greater mindfulness

And more, depending on who you are and your level of social media activity.

Personally, I always have my phone with me and participate in social media as a way to stay in contact with distant relatives; however, I am very interested to see how this affects my mood and stamina at work where I use a computer screen all day.

I am expecting to feel less competitive and more accepting.

I am also expecting to feel slightly isolated.

One blogger who has done this said she had to examine why she reached for her phone when she wanted social interaction - why being by herself wasn’t enough. She said once she looked into those feelings of isolation and being her own best company, she was able to take that lesson with her after she returned to social media. At the beginning of 2018 I decided to be single but I had never been single since I was 13 and began dating - I always had a person of interest to gain attention. So, in 2018, I learned how to be alone and love my own company; however, I still had social media if I felt lonely. So, this will be an interesting experiment to discover new ways to gain my own support, validation, and it will be interesting to see if I’m that much more productive!

Look out next week for my findings - I’ll either post them here or on Instagram: @readybalance.

I truly invite you to do this with me so you can gain similar insights into your own reasons for staying active on social media. I am free to take any emails if you need support.