Bereft & Rooted

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

It has been 2 years since I left my abusive ex husband. A man I thought would never hurt me. A man with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life. It's interesting what time and space can give you. Since I left him I have been able to forgive him as well as myself. I have also been able to get back to who I am at my core. I call this time, "Rooted". I feel supported and centered now that I have been able to let go of everything that linked me to my past with him, and have become future-focused once again.

This book I just finished writing explains what I went through as a trauma survivor, not just from one man but from two. I wanted to have a purpose for writing my story beyond merely detailing the accounts, so instead I wrote about what I should or could have done differently. I made it very simple for the reader to see what the red flags were of each abusive relationship, and how they can protect themselves in the future by avoiding the mistakes I made.

After writing Bereft & Rooted, I can see my biggest mistake was being naive. That is not to say I regret believing the best in people because I do like that I possess that quality, but I would have left earlier had I unbundled all of that brier in my mind about people you love not taking advantage of you. Unfortunately it happens, and unfortunately I held out for hope - hope that both men would change. To my knowledge they haven't, but I have since lost contact with them and I hope they've received in-depth help.

Though this post is a lot more serious than most of the others, I do not want pity or sadness - trust me, I'm happy! I want you to share this book with your daughters, sisters, friends.

This is my way of saving lives.

And, if you know of someone going through an abusive relationship, this book is for you. I had friends and family who anxiously stood by me and allowed me to make my own decision, which is the only kind of decision that sticks. I explain what you can do and how you can recognize one if your friend isn't too forthcoming but you have your suspicions.

It's a short but important read. Please feel free to contact me if you're unsure what to do about abuse in your or a loved one's life.

**If you click on the link or the picture, it directs you to my "about" page; you can download Bereft & Rooted for free!