Chakra Shock!

I live in California, the United States' mecca of the holistic, mind/body/spirit movement and yet not many people I come across know about chakras. Funnily enough my job, where I work with foster youth, has me surrounded by professional therapists and other co-workers who are naturally attune to energy work. Case in point: I told the director of clinicians about an issue I was having and the very first question she asked was, "Well, how's your second chakra?" I felt at home.

For those of you who don't know, please allow me to give a brief explanation of what a chakra is and what each chakra does. If you would like to know how to implement a chakra balancing meditation in your life, please contact me (you can email me through my website or dm me on ig, @readybalance) and we can Skype or meet if you're in Sonoma County.

A chakra is an energetic point in your body, typically along the spine, that can hold and give you information about your spirit. Allow me to dull that down!

7 Chakras, explained below. This image is from One Tribe Apparel

When you feel pain in a joint like your elbow or knee you can assume you either tweaked it somehow or you ran into something. The pain is telling your brain there's something going on with this joint. Perhaps you'll need to give this joint extra care.

Chakras are very similar but on an emotional/spiritual level. Each chakra represents an area of your spiritual and emotional self. When it's in imbalance, you'll need to show it extra care. When you visualize one most of the time it will reveal itself with properties such as a dull or bright color, a hardened or softened exterior, various temperatures, it could be large or small, etc. When it reveals a property, pay attention; something is going on with this emotional center - balanced or imbalanced.

For instance, my throat chakra was blocked for years while in a stifling relationship. I physically felt pain, a tightness but nothing was wrong physically. When I visited my throat chakra I could see my vocal chords and they looked like weakened cables, fused together. Over time I balanced my throat chakra by using different visualization techniques (contact me for details). The tightness is gone even if I'm using my voice all day. The throat chakra is not only linked to our physical voice, but also our metaphorical voice - our ability to express ourselves effectively. So, as I healed it and the pain dissipated, I also noticed my ability to stand up for myself increased. This took about 6 months to a year to heal, but that's not indicative of all timeframes.

Each chakra holds similar information and it usually comes down to feeling free or feeling blocked.

Each chakra will guide you, telling you where you should focus your attention and affection.

The way I personally view chakras is as an extension of my spirit but as I said, every chakra has it's own focused emotional/spiritual center so let's dive into what each one holds.

Starting from the bottom:

To start chakra balancing - focus on a color first

1st chakra: Root Chakra.

Location: at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor.

Holds: safety, security, survival, and "roots" to the earth.

Healed/Balanced: you'll feel more grounded, secure, firm.

Imbalance: you'll exhibit excess greed, negativity, insecurity in survival

The typical color associated: red.

Focus on the orange and bring your awareness to your navel

2nd chakra: Sacral Chakra.

Location: above the root chakra, typically a few inches below the naval.

Holds: relationships, emotional center, sensuality, and creativity.

Healed/Balanced: flexible in life, more connected through your experiences (acutely aware of your senses).

Imbalance: you'll be/have codependency, insecure relationships; quick fixes for pleasure (substance use, etc.), rigid, possibly moody or emotional

Typical color associated: orange

3rd chakra: Solar Plexus.

Location: Above the sacral chakra, typically a few inches above the naval.

Holds: your personal power, close knit to your soul/spirit because it is close to how you form your values, opinions, identity, etc.

Healed/Balanced: self-assured, confident yet humble, positive worldview

Imbalance: you could be controlling, manipulative, yet irresponsible or unable to have ideas come to fruition.

Typical color associated: yellow

Bring your awareness to the center of your chest

4th chakra: Heart Chakra.

Location: center of chest

Holds: relationships, emotional pain and the ability to process, forgiveness, but it also represents change. It connects the physical/earthy bottom three chakras and the top three chakras that are very spiritual.

Healed/Balanced: at peace and connected to your environment and others

Imbalance: disconnected to others, inability to process, defensive, isolated, feeling victimized

Typical color associated: emerald green

Throat Chakra Blue!

5th chakra: Throat Chakra

Location: the throat; right above my clavicle.

Holds: ability to speak and express yourself powerfully, realizing your purpose. Healed/Balanced: ability to express yourself clearly and strongly, an open feeling (not closed or tight)

Imbalanced: coughing, clearing your throat, over bearing, inappropriate speech

Typical color associated: sky blue

6th chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Location: Between your eyebrows, some feel it slightly above between your eyebrows

Holds: Intuition, ability to visualize, insight

Healed/Balanced: Ability to see passed your current situation and able to see a broader picture, potentially psychic abilities, feeling linked to the spiritual

Imbalanced: unable to see passed your daily situation to plan a brighter future, only convinced of what's provable - lack of creativity/inability to visualize or dream a different reality

Typical color associated: indigo

Enlightened Purple!

7th chakra: Crown Chakra

Location: Top center of your head

Holds: connection to spiritual world, consciousness, awareness, wisdom

Healed/Balanced: conscious of a spiritual realm, ability to connect crown and root, you'll feel clear and enlightened, humble

Imbalanced: inability to attach to physical realm or closed off to spiritual aspects completely

Typical color associated: depends on who you talk to; white or deep purple.

So now when I speak of chakras you'll be able to understand why I value them so highly. I can touch in with my physical, emotional, or spiritual body very easily by igniting the chakra system. It's a lifelong pursuit as with any spiritual path. I'm also a Christian so I incorporate God into it and it has made a world of difference!

If you would like to know more, again, feel free to reach out! As you grow in this practice you'll notice a greater connection with the world and the people around you. You'll develop deeper insights into yourself. You'll feel more connected with the earth and the ethereal. I hope I have shed some easy to understand light to this topic and I look forward to hearing about your journey!