How to Find Yourself - Week 1/3

This is the first of a three part series that gives practical solutions to finding yourself without spending the time and money for travelling, backpacking, and having a mountaintop experience. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

I find there is an overwhelming amount of people who fear they don’t know themselves as honestly as they would like. They're not as happy as they want to be, they're less satisfied, but they never know why. I was the same way in my teens and I thought, "I want to know myself instead of having to go through a bunch of stuff to find out who I am!" Well, I went through stuff anyway but I learned some things along the way that could potentially give you some life hacking shortcuts to knowing yourself better than you do now.

Knowing yourself is more than knowing what colors look good on you and what career to focus on.
Knowing yourself means really knowing what you’re about - when push comes to shove, what will you crumble for and what will you stand up against?

Over the next three weeks you will be doing some pretty heavy introspective lifting. In the final week, you’ll be able to dive even deeper into who you are as a person and start to feel the road of your life’s path develop before you. Next week I’ll post a series of questions designed for you to tackle daily. This week, we’re starting somewhat light.

I wanted to first introduce you to the topic of introspection, a topic that SO many people ignore when it comes to creating a successful life for themselves. It is, in my opinion, a major part of being happy, being satisfied, and feeling purposeful. Personally, I have almost always been painfully introspective to the point where my challenge is to live outside of my innermost being and meet people on the surface levels of life. One of the greatest things about looking inward is I develop my character and evolve in rapid time relative to most.

So, what is introspection?

Simply put, it’s self-analysis.

Lengthily put, it’s a process by which you examine your mind, body, and spirit. It's how you move yourself from grief, loss, trauma, and ancient beliefs. You examine what you do and why you do it. You look into the recesses of your mind - is there anything there no longer serving you? You begin checking your subconscious thoughts. You begin analyzing your habits - is there anything there not working for your greatest good? You keep going down this line of thinking with an objective point of view, not a self loathing or criticizing one.

Then begin to ask yourself, is there anything here that you would like to work on? If so, then create steps to work on them.

  • Noticing there’s an issue is the first but hardest step!

  • The next steps involve getting rid of the habits or line of thinking that is causing your behavior or negativity in some form;

  • Try seeking out a coach, therapist, long time friend, or even a group of people to help you conquer the issue depending on what it is and how deep seated it is;

  • Always keep in mind you are the key to unraveling your unhappiness.

How are finding yourself and performing self analysis related?

As you become more focused on your inner self, you will be able to make quicker, more confident decisions. This will lead you to creating a clearer path for yourself. Eventually, you’ll be able to build a life around your true self instead of a superficial self - the one everyone else expects you to lead but you’re unhappy leading.

Once you’re comfortable with this process, you’ll do it more often. Over time, it’s like iron sharpening iron - you get faster, more accurate, and deeper.

The keys to living a more fulfilled, purposeful life are simple, but it takes you to do the work for yourself that no one else can. That's where the difficulty arises for most - they don't want to do the work, they just want a magic pill or a guru. The truth is you already are your own guru in this but you have to do the work.


To practice for this week:

  1. Journal - even if it’s monotonous. Just detail your day for ten minutes at the end of the day at home or at the office. Get everything out.

  2. Practice being still. Still your mind. Still your body. Still your spirit. Go inward and listen. This is how you become attuned to your inner guide.

  3. Become aware of your thoughts, habits, actions, and behaviors. Is there anything you LOVE? Is there anything that’s just the worst? Ask: Is there anything here you’d like to work on?

Tune in next week for journal prompts and more!