Manifestation: Simple 6 Step Guide

The term, manifestation, can sound very “hippy dippy” to some and very worthwhile to others. Though I have always thought it to be worthwhile, I was frustrated when I first started trying because I didn’t know how to do it. Now after having some success, I chose to share my findings. I’m not a master but that’s because I’m not very good at step 5. However, when I do follow these steps, the life I want and all the things within come to me at lightning speed.

For those of you who don’t know or are just beginning, manifestation is a practice that helps you create the world around you. It can be very powerful or very passive. Some people use it in an exploitative manner and others use it for a balanced life. Personally, I use it to call for abundance so I may share with others.

Disclaimer: Due to the fact that time is a man-made construct, the universe (or God) is not bound by your timing - sometimes manifestation occurs within the week, sometimes 6 months, sometimes longer. When you get frustrated with the timing, return to step one of this guide and reset your mind and heart.

These steps are listed in a very deliberate order, follow them and you will personally witness the creating power we all have:

Step 1: Know the universe/God is infinite and has an infinite supply of good things for you;
Step 2: Change your thoughts and speech to 100% positive - find a positive way to spin everything. If you are short on positive things to think/say, at least reconcile within you that whatever didn’t work out is in your greatest interest & there are infinitely better things or circumstances coming your way;
Step 3: Become overwhelmingly grateful for ALL things, even the seemingly negative things;
Step 4: Think about what you want - every sensory detail - be specific. Then give up wondering “how” these things will work out, just accept that they will;
Step 5: Concentrate on the things/circumstances you want to have until they physically manifest in front of you;
Step 6: Make steps 1-3 a lifestyle and repeat steps 4 & 5.

A Basic User Guide:

  • You cannot use this to gain control over others (see step 1 - everything is for your greater good but it is more importantly for the collective’s greater good);

  • Steps 1-3 are more important than steps 4 & 5;

  • When you feel you have mastered manifestation, graduate to learning the art of generosity.

If you want to know more about manifestation, other energy work, and/or universe principles, please contact me to discuss!