Positivity: Just Fake It

By Chelsey Jo

Thoughts become words become actions. Do them all in love.

A few years ago I decided to be more positive. To smile each time I got an

email with “ASAP” in the subject line. In the beginning I adopted the wise


Fake it till you make it.

I also got into watching TED Talks where I discovered a really interesting

study on the correlation between body language and confidence. Social

psychologist Amy Cuddy shared her research on how “power posing” —

standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident —

can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have

an impact on our chances for success.

A little ritual helped me put her ideas into practice. Every morning when I

got to work and got myself a cup of coffee I’d stand Wonder-Woman-style

in front of the break room’s giant floor-to-ceiling window. Breathing deeply,

from the fifth floor of 100 Washington, I surveyed all of Downtown

Minneapolis. Trust me, that ritual will make any cup of coffee taste like

molten nectar. (I bet that’s what Zeus drinks every morning.) I did this for

two full minutes, as often as I could, maybe three or four times a week.

Little by little things started to change. I took on more responsibility with

less stress, let drama roll off my back, and eventually and most importantly

—I got the heck out of that place! I realized I didn’t want to be there and

found my little north-woods-niche where I’m tenfold happier and healthier.

Speaking of faking confidence—I’m reminded of and old car I used to have.

It’s less than beautiful sun spots. It’s rusting belly and phantom locks. The

ever threatening leaky transmission fluid...

It always tried it’s best.

I knew this, and I let it know I knew this! With gracious patience I washed it

by hand, I draped the seats in purple fabric to cheer it up, I kept the

accumulation of cat hair down, I even had a recycling bin within easy

access. I tried my best to exhibit that from point A to point B—I appreciated

that Dodge.

I imagined myself handing it off to my little sister someday, taking her aside

whispering, “If you call this car a piece of crap – it’ll feel like one, and when

we feel like crap we act like it.” I don’t believe that all inanimate objects

have souls—but I do believe in thoughts, words, and actions.

The moral of this story: beware of the words you put out there. Actions are

powerful. It’s hard to dispute that, but don’t forget that thoughts have an

impact and words can be just as commanding. There’s a reason we call

some of them curses.

Try to think respectfully and speak words of kindness today. Even if you

might not want to. Just try your best and if you’re ready to pay attention—

you’ll probably like the outcome.

Fake it ’till ya make it, friends, and watch that TED Talk here. I really

recommend it.

♡ Chelsey Jo | Creative, LightHeartLiving.com

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