Take Back Your Light

A Guest Post By Chelsey Jo Dagen

Have the same words, ideas, or numbers ever caught your attention throughout the day?

Has a small series of events with virtually no importance ever hit your awareness with certain unquestionable meaning? Maybe you've noticed the need for more "Work-life-balance" and while pondering the meaning of this at your daily-grind you see a meme that reads, "Ready? Balance!" You know the Universe is begging for attention.

Thank you, Synchronicity.

I'm highly influenced by this symbolic form of communication. The personal language I've developed with my higher-self has helped me take leaps of faith I've needed to embrace massive personal transformation and change in my life, and it's the reason I choose to write for Ready Balance. But to get into the specific deeper meaning of all this I'd have to talk about archetypes and energy work and tarot cards and ... we're just getting to know each other. Like I said, it's a personal language. One that each soul has to develop on their own.

So, let me describe a bit of my journey, first...

Last Spring I starred in a community theater production of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast”. Dancing, singing, acting ... nothing strikes a cord with my heart strings like musical theater... where I can eat, sleep and breathe my favorite form of expression for months on end while creating a stronger bond with my community. This experience proved to be a major feat of personal strength and courage. Five years ago it would’ve seemed far out of my reach but after doing the inner work of facing my fears and plain getting-over-myself, singing for an audience is now something I'm confident enough to do, and something I intentionally make space for in my life.

Shortly after that I married my perfect match, Michael, the Angelic Audio Engineer who actually ran sound for the show! We moved to Rural Minnesota and together created a lifestyle brand, Light Heart Living offering sound production, graphic design, personal coaching, energy therapy, and intuitive advice. Yes, we officially came out as “Woo-woo".

Vulnerability. Authenticity. Uncertainty... This is where it’s at. Change is the formidable gateway to new possibilities and opportunities. In four years I’ve completely changed my life. Twice! I started to follow others who inspired me and told myself I could chase my dreams, too!

Little by little... I changed my habits, opened my mind, let go and then — made a break for it. I escaped the tyranny of my old ways! It wasn’t easy... it was WORTH it. Now, I find myself creative, abundant and surrounded by love. Do you want to know what my biggest ally was during my transformations?


Knowing yourself helps you recognize the things you can change from the things you can’t. I know that at the end of the day all I want to do is create and experience inspiration. To have courage; to live from my Core. To approach each day from a place of joy – which isn’t just rainbows and sunshine – it’s also being able to dance through the rain. Joy is considering positive change to be your responsibility. If you’re wondering how you can develop self-awareness and get in touch with your own Core, contact

me, Chelsey Jo, at mystics@lightheartliving.com for a free mini coaching session.

At Light Heart Living we believe that we are essentially energy. Personally, I like to think of myself as a Being of Light. Our "light" is the energy, imagination, creativity, talents and grace that we lend out to the world on a daily basis. It’s not always our intention to hand it out, however! If I’m not in a state of self-awareness, my light begins to diminish and I tend to be less than the best version of myself.

How do I deal with this? I make the intention of taking it back through visualization and mediation. So if you are feeling imaginatively, creativity or energetically drained ... try this!

1. Acknowledge the presence of your light in the world

2. Adopt a simple practice of calling it back

3. Make the intention to Shine!

As the sunlight inches it's was back over our wintery lands, Spring Equinox is the perfect time to consider how we've spent our energy... and how we'll spend it moving forward! On March 20th Light Heart Living will be hosting a Facebook Live event, “Take Back Your Light” and we hope you’ll join us for a day of Dance, Music, Inspiration and Intention as artists from across the world gather virtually to shine and share their talents. We’ll be broadcasting live if you’d like to participate, stay tuned for exclusive event info by signing up for our email list:

ὑ Chelsey Jo | Creative, LightHeartLiving.com

Self-healing through creativity & community. Follow @lightheartliving for inspirational flights of fancy, dance, theater, music & more!


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