usui master

usui master

Hello All!

Thank you for taking your time to read this site I created for you, fellow warrior. I do not know you but I can almost guarantee I have been in your shoes in one way or another. After sifting through the aftermath of certain personal experiences, within the #metoo movement, I realized the importance of female comradery. Due to some of the women pictured above, plus so many more, I am supported enough to continue my journey. Instead of seeking self-serving ventures, I will continue by giving back through public writing, mentorship, group leadership, this site, and more.

I have completed JTS' Life Coach Certification and I published my first two mini ebooks, "You Quitter!", and, "Bereft & Rooted". You can find both of these in the BTS Bookstore where "Bereft & Rooted" is available for free. Currently, I have completed master level Reiki healing training and a degree in Metaphyiscs as well. Throughout the next ten years I have a strong plan where my life will be focused which largely incorporates giving back to people everywhere. 

Please feel free to write me as it is pertinent to our shared goal of achieving balance from the individual to the international scale.